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Castle Gardens Primary School, Newtownards
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Stone Age Day in P5A

10th Oct 2017

P5A had a great time today learning all about the Stone Age.  We dressed up in animal print costumes.  The weather was kind to us so we were able to go outside.  We used chalk to draw cave paintings on the pavement.  We also had the opportunity to build the frame of a Mesolithic hut just like the hunter gatherers would have done.  We also learned all about the Neolithic first farmers and how they were able to grow crops and rear animals.  This meant they didn't have to move around anymore, but could settle in one place and build more permanent homes, using wattle and daub walls and thatched roofs.  We made our own wattle fence by weaving willow branches through a framework.  In the classroom we enjoyed a Stone Age themed break before making a clay pot and practising some paper weaving.  We also completed our Stone Age booklets and learned lots of facts.  It was great fun.